How to sew a tank top

Dressy tank top

This top came about as I was wanting to experiment with a dressier version of the tank tops that I have made in the past. 
To see how to make those tank tops and get the patterns/tutorials click on these links –

I used a one way stretch jersey knit to make this. The stretch went horizontally or sideways on this top so I could slip it over my head easy – but it wouldn’t hang or gape downwards. Truth is, this top needed a BIT more stretch than this fabric allowed. It’s a snug fit.

Cut top from fabric

So to make a similar top, you need to cut a pattern and sew your top. The first tutorial above is for stretchy fabric and the last tutorial above is for non-stretch fabric. I think this top would look fabulous is a metallic material.
Cut neck or sleeves if too small

I didn’t hem this top anywhere. I sewed the shoulder and side seams. End of story. I had to go back and cut my neckline a bit more as it was sitting too high. It’s always better to cut your neckline too high and be able to trim it afterwards that cut too much too soon.

You do need to cut carefully so you don’t get ragged edges. I had to go back and trim off a few raggedy bits.

Neaten raggedy bits

I also cut the corners off my seams so the edges didn’t show.

Snip corners off seams

Next you need to mark where to sew your beads or sequins or whatever you use to embellish this top. I folded the front of my top in half and used a piece of dry soap and a ruler to mark a line down the centre front. A Gothic cross would look cool. A heart shape would also look lovely. If you are super creative you could take various colour beads and make an owl or a flower.

Mark where to sew decorations with old dry soap

Next you sew your decorations to your top. I used up what I happened to have – large green flat decoration things. Don’t know what they are called. (See how I made stud earrings from them – here) And silver coloured coins. (I made a necklace from them – see that here.)

And just like that you have a new party top.

If you are tempted to be resourceful and inclined to recycle then why not visit the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page. You will find all sorts of ways to make your own and re-cycle or up cycle anything from food packaging to old curtains-

All the best for 2015. See you right here next week.