Sewing tutorial for a cloth bag

Easy tapestry fabric bag

I’ve raved about this particular style bag so many times.

And made it a good few times too.

Click on these links to see this bag in other fabrics – Green African print cloth bag  and  Cream bull denim cloth bag.

Cut 2 x 50 x 80 centimetre pieces plus 5cm notch

I had some off-cuts left over from when I made my Kimono jacket – see how to make a kimono jacket here.


Stitch sides, fold over and stitch bottom

This tapestry fabric is robust.

Perfect for a bag.

So I decided to make yet another cloth bag.

I had to sew a few pieces together to get the right size pattern piece.

Was slightly worried that this would be a bit obvious with a print fabric but you can’t notice it when I’m wearing the bag.

Here’s how you make it:



You need: –

sewing machine
matching thread


Sew cut-out flat

You do: –

Cut two 50 x 80 centimetre pattern pieces.

Cut out a 5 centimetre square in the middle bottom of each pattern piece.

Sew halfway up the sides from the bottom.

Fold over, so side seams lie on top of each other, then sew across the bottom.


Sew shoulder seam and hem edges

Fold cut-out corners flat and sew across them to create a box shape at the bottom of the bag.

Now place top ends of bag together.
It looks as if the strap is going to be far too wide, but don’t worry.

Sew across top end of bag.


Fold shoulder over and sew ends together

Fold top of bag in half and pin in place.

Either hand sew or machine sew it in place.

Fold in half again, and again either hand sew or machine sew in place.

Neaten or hem any raw edges and then press with an iron.

That’s one handy and gorgeous bag complete!

Fold should a second time and sew together

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