Sewing tutorial for a pouch

Drawstring bag

I made the sister to this toiletry bag a few months back. See that bag here – Zipper pouch.
This link – will take you to a FREE sewing pattern for a rain poncho and bag.

This particular fabric has a different print on each side. The other bag has the alternate print to this bag – and a zipper closure.

My fabric dimensions are 60 centimetres x 50 centimetres. I’m using them for traveling as a toiletry bag and a bag for my underwear. I wish I had made it a bit bigger. I will definitely make more. I could use one for laundry and one for shoes. But maybe in different colours?

You need fabric and tape or ribbon

You need: –
a piece of fabric 60 x 50 centimetres
matching colour thread
ribbon or tape at least 2 x width of your bag about 100cm
sewing machine

You do: –

Roll over top of bag and make a hem

Roll over the top edge of your bag and make a small hem.

Fold over again and make a second hem

Fold over and make another hem. The raw edges should no longer be visible.

Sew around side and bottom

Fold your fabric in half and sew the side and bottom.

Snip corners so bag opens nicely

Snip the bottom corners so your bag will open nicely. See picture.

Make a deep fold over at top and stitch leaving space to feed tape

Make a deep fold over at the top and stitch a casing for your ribbon or tape. Leave a section open so you can insert the ribbon or tape.

Feed the tape or ribbon through the fold and knot the ends.

That’s it folks. An easy peasy drawstring bag.

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I will be back with more next week,