Tassel necklace

Make a yoga necklace

A girl in our yoga class wears a necklace like this and I’m always saying how lovely it is. I decided it was time to make one.

You could use multi- coloured beads. I stuck to plain wooden ones.

And your tassel can be fatter by using lots of string. You could make the tassel longer. I’ve seen some bright coloured tassels which are fun. In terms of beads, little African glass would be lovely but would take longer to thread. I wouldn’t go too big. My beads are 4 mm wide.

To make tassel wind thick thread around card

Here’s how you make this necklace.

You need: –
thick thread for tassel and necklace
something to wind the thread around i.e. business card
O-Ring and pliers to bend it open and closed

You do: –
Work out how long you want your necklace to be and take a measurement. I used a piece of string to get the size of my necklace.

Add O-Ring to end and wind thread around tassel

Start loading beads onto your thread until you reach your desired length. Knot the ends of your thread. You can add a drop of glue to the knot to make sure it is secure.

To make your tassel, wind your thread around a business card. Or something bigger for a longer tassel? For a fatter tassel wind lots of thread.

Once done with this step, open the O-Ring and slip it around the threads at the one end and close O-Ring.

How to make necklace

Now wind thread around tassel at one end and tie. You can put a drop of glue on this knot too.

Open O-Ring again and add to necklace. And that’s your yoga necklace complete.

If you visit the Greenie Galleries at the top of the page you will hopefully be inspired to make other easy pieces of jewelry. And sew your own clothes.

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