Easy tank top

How to make a tank top

Most of my days are spent in leggings and some type of T-Shirt. In summer it’s a tank top and in winter it’s most likely a tank top and a long sleeved T-Shirt over it.

One thing I dislike about bought tank tops is the narrow

Trace pattern from a tank top

shoulder straps. They don’t lend themselves to sports bras. And I don’t like wearing overly tight or cropped tops to the gym. Which is why I made this tank top.

Cotton knit is so forgiving for novice sewers. You can get away with no

Pin pattern to fabric and cut

hems. A raw edge can actually look cool. This top had exactly four seams. Two side seams and two shoulder seams. I used a summer weight white cotton knight for this top.

I want to try make a  looser slouchy version. And I want to make another one with dropped arm holes. Will need to make a bandeau top to wear under a dropped armhole tank. How nice will that be for yoga? My list of things to make never ends.

Here’s how to make this easy tank top.

You need: –
a cotton old tank top that fits you
black marker pen
stretch cotton knit
matching thread
sewing scissors
sewing machine

You do: –
Use your old tank top to make a pattern.

Trace the outline of your tank on the newspaper making sure – very important – you add on about 1.5

Cut front of neck lower than back

centimetres extra for your seam allowance.

Cut out your pattern in paper.

Pin your pattern to your fabric and cut 2 x pieces. A front and a back.

Trim front neck even more if required

Note, I cut the back neck of my tank top a bit shorter. You most likely will want to do the same.

The nice thing is you can trim the back and the front necklines  after you have made your tank top to get them exactly as you would like them to be. You may want a plunging neckline and narrow shoulder straps. Or a high neckline and wide shoulder straps.

Stitch sides and shoulders and you’re done. No really! It’s that simple.

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