How to make Pearl and African Silver Earrings

The finished earrings

Earrings are probably THE quickest and easiest item to make. In – this post – I have links to different kinds of earrings. I’ve been wanting to use these lovely silver African beads. They have a bohemian feel. I mixed them with pearls for a classic twist making them more versatile.

You can have fun with this style of earring and make just about anything. Different size clear crystals will give you sparkly chandelier style earrings? Multi coloured Moroccan beads pair well with kimono jackets for a boho feel.

Here’s what you need plus pliers

Or go a single earring? Choose a really long piece of wire for a statement earring and wear it on only one ear. You are sure to be bang on trend. Just make sure you don’t use heavy beads or wire. You don’t want your ears to ache.

You need: –
earring hooks

Add beads to wire

You do: –
Roll out your wire and straighten any kinks with your pliers.

Play around with your beads laying them out as you wish them to fit on your piece of wire.

Now load your beads onto your wire and roll the end to make a tiny loop so your beads won’t fall off.

Cut the other end of your wire allowing a bit extra so you can bend that end into your earring hook.

Make a loop at top and bottom then attach hooks

Make sure your loops are neat and cut away any excess wire.

Voila! New earrings.

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