Folded Neckline Dress

The inspiration for this dress came from a black red ombre Diesel shift I saw in a fashion magazine.

Origami dress

Edun also do

a similar dress in a check print.

I was wary to try and make my own pattern, but luckily it worked well.

The first thing I must mention is this will NOT work if your fabric is too soft or a knit. You will get a draped effect or a cowl neck and not the folded origami neckline.

Sew shoulders and sides

I used a light cotton. You could go for a heavier fabric but then know that the fold will become more pronounced. Which is kind of the point of this shift dress.

Fold and hem neck

The pattern is straight forward. A rectangular piece for the back. The same for the front, but the top is widened to allow the fabric to drop at the neckline.

I am a UK dress size 10. You could use my pattern, or make your own pattern bigger or smaller to fit your size.

Origami dress pattern

Just remember when making a pattern to allow for seams. My pattern includes a 1.5 centimetre seam allowance.

You need: –
sewing machine
matching colour thread

Sewing neck hem

You do: –

Cut your dress from your fabric. Lay the front piece on top of the back. Pin your sides and shoulders together.

Sew sides leaving space for your arms to slip through.

Fold arm area

Sew the shoulders leaving space for your head to slide out.

Fit your dress and check you are happy with the fit. You can always let out or take in seams at this point. I wanted this particular dress to be a bit roomy.

If the arms or neck are too tight, unpick a few stitches. Likewise if they are gaping, sew a bit more to get the right fit.

Fold over edges around arms and neck and press your dress with an iron taking care not to burn yourself or fabric.

Try on your dress again and check in a mirror where you want the hem line to be. Pin the hem in place and cut away any surplus fabric.

Hem armholes, neck and hemline.

Hem arms

Press dress again and you’re done!

If you don’t like the capped sleeve then fold over more fabric which will give you a smaller piece at the shoulder.

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