Macadamia Nut Necklace

How to make a fabric necklace

Macadamia nut necklace

These easy to make fabric necklaces are all over. Been seeing them in craft magazines for years. The only reason I never made one sooner is because I try to re-use items and fabric from my stash first. I needed big beads for this DIY and didn’t want to go out and specifically buy beads.

You need similar sized nuts and fabric

My husband suggested I use macadamia nuts. Perfect! We were given a huge big bag of them by some kind friends. My better half has cracked 3/4 of them with his vice. But we still have a few left to crack. And eat.

The rest was easy. Sort of. I didn’t realise quite how much fabric would be used up making the knots between each “bead”. My advice is to use – at least double – fabric for the length necklace you require. If not more, to play it safe.

You need: –
beads or nuts or some spherical object
a long strip of fabric about 10 centimetres wide
matching colour thread
sewing machine

Make sure your nuts will fit into fabric tube

You do: –
Measure around your bead and make sure you allow enough fabric to fit the circumference AND enough to make a long seam.

Sew a long tube of fabric.

Turn it inside out.

Fold in half and pin exactly in the middle.

Drop a bead into the tube and make sure your first

Turn tube right side out

bead is exactly in the middle. You will have to move your pin slightly. And put another pin on the other side of your first bead.

Now make a knot on either side of your bead.

Drop in another bead and knot. Keep going until you have about 10 to 15 centimetres of fabric left which you will use to tie your necklace at the back of your neck.

Repeat on the other side.

And that’s it! Necklace done.

Knot nuts or beads in place

I made a plain one and one in a patterned fabric. I want to buy some silver lame to make a glamorous necklace to go with my silver jewelry. Metallics are back on trend for winter so it will be well worn.

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As always, I try to up-cycle or recycle.

I will be back with more next week,


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  1. Greenie, Thank you for your gift to the planet. I am making my third “V Neck Shift Dress” today. I love this summer dress! Next I will probably start working your Kimono suggestions.

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