What to do with a Free Cloth Shopping Bag

A person should never moan about their life on a blog. Having said that I’m a bit stressed. I’ve been

Upcycled cloth shopper bag

away for 9 weeks and a month before that I was away for 6 weeks. I try to schedule blog posts but a person needs to be in one place to make things. All the stuff that I’ve been neglecting at home has to be done now. I needed a extra ultra quick and easy DIY. This one ticks that box.

I cannot bear to waste anything. Ever! It’s probably more of a hindrance in life than a help. I recycle old coffee jars into pretty storage containers for nuts, dried fruit and seeds. I’ve made a – ring – out of old piping and turned wire into – bracelets. I’ve recycled an old table cloth into a – kaftan, old curtains into a – top – and a – back pack. And made a – kimono jacket – from left over pieces of upholstery fabric. Find all those projects and more in my Greenie Galleries at the top of this page.

The bag before – I swirled the logo

I was given this cloth bag as a goodie bag with a bunch of freebies and samples at a health and wellness expo in 2013 in London. Wasn’t sure about the logo. Nice of the sponsor to give it to me but I wasn’t keen on promoting their life coaching thing. So I up-cycled it. First the bag needed a good wash. Then I made a side pocket with left

Hemming the top of the pocket

over fabric from old curtains.

Next I downloaded a cute rabbit silhouette from the Internet and cut it out of a piece of Shwe Shwe fabric. Sewed the rabbit to the pocket and sewed the pocket to the shopper bag. Easy as that.

And now I love this bag. I use these bags. All. The. Time. They’re great for – yes – shopping, but I use them for the gym, carrying books and even an extra hand bag or packed

Checking the place and size of the pocket

lunch bag. If you have time to spare you could try sewing Dolce and Gabbana forest themed appliques to your cloth bag. Don’t you love their winter look?

See another shoppe bag upcycle tutorial on – this link.

In the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page I’ve shared FREE sewing patterns and tutorials.

You would think I have enough to do without starting another blog. But I’ve gone and done it. I have just started a raw vegan blog – Green and Vegan – and I have my travel blog – Green Point Greenie. My husband thinks I need a new brain. He may be right.

I will be back with more next week,