How to make leggings

You need: –

So Sew Easy leggings

stretch fabric
unbendable elastic
sewing machine
matching colour thread
sewing scissors

large piece of paper
tape measure
marker pen
paper scissors

Making the pattern

Most of my patterns are circles, semi circles, rectangles, squares or triangles. They work for a whole bunch of clothing, think skirts, kimono jackets, capes, dresses and more. But I ALWAYS use a proper pattern when making a fitted jacket and pants. Which is why I have not made leggings sooner. You need a proper pattern to make leggings

I used the FREE legging pattern and tutorial from So Sew Easy. Go to – – to find it. What’s nice is it’s a custom pattern. It fits YOU!

Deby has a video showing you exactly how to take your measurements. Very handy. And she has a spreadsheet that calculates measurements for your pattern.

Your pattern

should look something like the one I show at the right. To make your own pattern go to Free Patterns on the So Sew Easy website.

Sew curved front and back first

Deby talks about “ease” which is a term for the amount of stretch in your fabric and the kind of fit you are after. Once you have figured it out, fill in 90% to 100% into her downloadable spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will make the “ease” calculations for you. That said, I left the spreadsheet at the default “ease” setting.

I used an old newspaper stuck together with masking tape to make my pattern – I like to recycle. But do beware that ink from newspaper can transfer to your fabric.

My front rise measurement looked a bit low compared to Deby’s so I added a few centimetres. You can always cut it away after – not so easy to add it back in. In the end I did have to cut it away and my pattern was right.

The basic pattern EXCLUDES seam allowances. You need to still add 1.5 centimetres to the sides. You also must add at least the width of your elastic to the waist at the top. Plus enough to put a hem in at the ankle.

Sew inner leg

I used a piece of navy blue one way jersey stretch knit left over from the – Maxi Skirt – and – Strapless Summer Dress – I made in previous posts. A stretchier fabric would have been much better but I happened to have this fabric. Also I wanted a winter weight legging. The more stretch, the better, to be honest. My pants didn’t cling like leggings normally do. Deby talks about fabric choices in her post on these leggings.

You may might want to sew with a stretch or a ballpoint sewing machine needle. Luckily my fabric didn’t need overlocking or zig-zagging.

You do: –
First you have to take your measurements and make your pattern.

Next pin your pattern to your fabric and cut TWO of your legging pattern. Pin together right sides facing in toward each other.

Sew front curved sections to each other. Do the same with the back curved sections.

Press seams flat

Open out so legs fold on to each other and pin the inner leg seams together. Line up the front and back crotch seam and sew from crotch down the one leg first. Then sew down the other leg. Why not sew in one go? I find that stretchy fabric moves and you could find the seams don’t line up in the middle if you start and end at the bottom of each leg.

Turn your leggings right way out and fit them to make sure you are happy. If too loose, take in seams a bit. If too tight, let seams out. I had to take in a teeny bit around my knees. Pin the

Pin and sew waistband

hem for lower legs.

Now you need to iron your seams open so they lie flat.

Measure your unbendable elastic around your waist and cut. The elastic should be a bit smaller than your leggings.

There are two ways to fit the elastic at the waist. Deby has lovely clear photos that show exactly how to put these leggings together. Her

Greenie in her new leggings

way is to sew two ends of unbenable elastic together. Pin your elastic to the waist. And sew to waist.

Or you could sew a tube at the top of your leggings, slide the elastic through and stitch the two ends of the elastic together.

And that people, is all there is to these leggings. They are soooo easy to make. I want to re-use this pattern to make a pair of stretch denim jeggings.

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See you next week,