Printed fabric patch jeans tutorial

Print patch jeans

I love patch jeans. Junya Watanabe patch jeans look divine. How about the dusty pink Omeo jeans Isabel Marant has been doing? And check out the DIY blog Fripe Fabrique for more inspiration.

I’m not usually a boho queen but this is one look I can pull off.
I’ve done a patchwork jean in a past tutorial with off-cuts of dark and regular denim.

Lie jeans flat and cut patches

See that blog post – here.

I wanted a print patch this time around. The only horrible thing about this DIY – you very likely will have to hand-sew these patches on. It’s not easily done on a sewing machine. A jean leg is narrow. Trying to twist and rotate a sewing machine around a patch is a schlep.

You could unpick the sides, sew your patches, and re-sew the sides again.

Hand sewing is not a lot easier I’m afraid to say. One hand is inside the leg of your jeans trying to hold it open. The other hand is trying to sew. Denim is a thick heavy fabric. If you are up cycling a pair of skinny leg jeans – as I did here – there is NOT a lot of room to work. Just saying.

Fold, iron and sew hem around edges

You need: –
fabric squares
sewing machine
matching colour thread

You do: –
Lie your jeans flat on a flat surface.

Select a few pieces of fabric. You are going to hem your patches onto your jeans so make sure your fabric pieces are bigger than your intended patch size.

Pin and sew patches

Cut your patches. Pin all around the edges. Press them with an iron.

Sew around the edges of your patches.

Pin them to your jeans.

Hand-sew in place.

That’s it!

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