Stud earring storage idea

How to store earrings

My collection of earrings is growing fast. I have shown a good few earring tutorials.
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No wonder then, that I needed to store my earrings properly. In a way that I can actually see them. They were in a box in my drawer and the pairs were never together. It was driving me bonkers always having to scratch to find a matching pair.
I used poly vinyl and plain old cardboard
I’m sure you could use just about any substance. The only requirement is that you need to be able to pierce it to make holes for the earrings. And the substance must be fairly firm. I used a piece of poly vinyl (the blue one) for my stud earrings. I re-cycled a piece of cardboard box (the white one) for my hanging earrings.
You could use a flexi floor tile, a piece of cork board, or even a piece of felt. 
I let my earrings sit at the top of my jewelry box but you could attach your material to a coat hanger and hang it inside a cupboard door. Or tie a piece of ribbon to the top and hang it somewhere handy.
All you need do is cut a square or rectangle of

Measure and pierce holes

whatever substance you decide to use.

Work out how many pairs of earrings you have and how wide they are. Next measure out where you want to make holes for your earrings. Make a mark or a dot with a pencil. Then pierce the holes. I used a wool needle to make my holes.
One you have enough holes add your earrings and that’s it! Problem solved.
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