Semi precious stone and chain earrings

Teardrop stone earrings
I made these a long time ago. Back then there was a fabulous bead shop in Long Street that sold the most amazing semi-precious stone beads. I went berserk and made all sorts of things. (That shop is sadly long gone)

I love that stones have special qualities. Probably why I love Pamela Love’s designs so much.

As you can see I made these earrings in clear quartz and snow quartz. I found two tear drop sort of shaped stones in similar

Bead caps – without hooks

sizes. My bead caps have mini hooks on them as these stones did not have a hole through them. The picture at right shows caps WITHOUT hooks. (I’m doing this post retro-actively) If you use them, then you have to fashion a hook with your silver wire.

You need: –
2 x matching stones
2 x bead caps with hooks
2 x earring hooks
2 x pieces of chain
silver wire
strong adhesive

Chain and earring hooks

You do: –
Fit your bead caps around your beads and place them ready to be glued to your stones. You can use a bit of Blu Tack or Press stick or whatever it’s called where you are to hold the stones upright in place. You are about to work with glue so make sure your surface will not be damaged.

Mix your adhesive and using a toothpick, dab glue on your stone and your bead cap. Attach the two and allow to dry. Work fast as some glues dry quickly.

Cut a length of chain. My chain is 5 centimetres

Chain drop earrings

long. Using your wire, attach the chain to the bead cap. Cut any wire that sticks out and bend wire flat so it won’t catch on a scarf or collar.

Attach chain to an earring hook.

That’s it. You’re done!

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See you next week.