How to make a Kimono style jacket + FREE sewing pattern

Kimono Jacket

I have been wanting to make a kimono style jacket for soooo long. It’s a more time consuming than most of my projects. And not as easy.

My husband and I have done a fair amount of traveling this year so it just never worked out time wise. Read about our travels – here.

I LOVE this jacket. It’s so easy to wear. No zips, collars or button holes. What’s not to like? I made it out of left-over upholstery fabric which is heavy for a kimono.

I make

The fabric

almost all of the concepts or patterns on this blog myself. Admittedly I do take inspiration from other designs and designers.

I was worried this fabric was too heavy but it has turned out perfect. Only thing I would do differently is make it a touch longer. This jacket sits high on my hips.

I made a longer version – on this link.

As you can see from the first photo, I had a pile of left-over upholstery fabric pieces. That didn’t worry me as you cut fabric into bits and pieces when you cut out a pattern. I was also pleased to be using up what would have been discarded fabric scraps. Hello – the point of this blog!

Cut pattern pieces from fabric

You need: –
black marker pen
fabric for kimono
long thin piece of fabric for collar about 10 x 130 centimetres
matching thread
dressmaking scissors
sewing machine

You do: –
First make the pattern. I am a UK dress size 10 and this jacket is roomy so someone a bit bigger than me could wear it. If you are an extra big girl or an extra small girl, then make the pattern bigger or smaller.

Pin the paper pattern pieces together and fit to your body so you can see BEFORE you cut if this jacket will fit.

Sew shoulder first


Rather err on making it a touch bigger as you can always take in and cut away. Not so easy to add in fabric afterwards.

I allowed a 1.5 centimetre seam allowance for this kimono jacket.

Kimono jacket pattern

Next cut your pattern pieces. I rushed to sew the sleeves first. Mistake! I should have sewn the shoulders first and then pinned

I had to set sleeves as I went and sewed them first

the sleeves. It still works but is a bit harder when you have to set sleeves. Bear this in mind when following the pictures.


Hem lower edge of jacket and sleeves

I had to zig-zag all the edges as this fabric frays easily. Once I had sewn shoulders, I set my sleeve and sewed it to jacket. Your jacket should be sewn together by now.

Pin and sew lapel

Next cut a strip approximately 10 centimetres wide to make the front lapel.

If you make your jacket longer

then your strip will need to be longer than mine.

Fold this strip in half length-wise and iron it. Iron the rest of the jacket so all your seams are open.

Pin the collar so it folds from the inside to the outside. Your strip must face exactly the same way as mine. See it in the pictures. It’s important you get this right or you won’t be able to see how you sew this lapel flat when you finish the collar.

Sew lapel to inner edge of jacket. Fold over and pin it to the front. Sew collar down.

Fold over collar and sew flat

Neaten bottom edge. You may want to unpick and hand-sew. Or fold and machine sew. Whatever is easiest for you.

One kimono jacket done!

In the spirit of recycling, I sewed the leftover pieces of fabric together and made my favourite slouchy bag. Look out for that in an up coming post.

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I will be back with more next week.