Easy necklace tutorial

Brooch necklace

This is an older DIY idea. I have been doing this for a while now.

I’m sure the idea is not new, although I haven’t seen any bloggers show it yet. Basically you can make yourself a red carpet worthy necklace with a brooch and a piece of chain.

The nice things with this is you can customise your necklace by using thicker or thinner chain. Maybe even a fancy chain such as twisted, herringbone or box style chain.

And of course you can use cheap bath chain or hardware chain or splash out of sterling silver chain. I guess the cost of your brooch will determine how much effort you want to put into your necklace.

You can use a fun plastic brooch or a swanky stone brooch. I spent a bit of money on this particular brooch. It’s a cubic zirconia but I used a length of stainless steel chain. This necklace packs quite a bit of bling

Add clasp and O-Ring to chain

Works well with my Bling Ring. See that – here.

You need: –
pliers to cut and fit clasp

You do: –
Measure your chain around your neck to make sure you are happy with the length.

Make sure your brooch is shut securely so it won’t fall off and then slip your chain through the brooch.

Add clasp to one end. Add O-Ring to the other end.

Voila! A new necklace.

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