Tape necklace

How to make a tape necklace

I got the inspiration for this necklace at a COS store near SOHO while I was in London recently. How similar is it to a necklace I made out of food packaging last year? See that necklace – here. And how about this ribbon bracelet – click here to see.

I tried to Google COS so I could see the necklace again.

Fold one piece over then fold the other over

Could NOT find them on-line. What I did find was a few other bloggers beat me to make this necklace. Really nice versions too. I would give links to their sites. I used to do links, but so many run dead that I no longer do links.

This is my version.

You need: –
fairly heavy ribbon/tape –
     (about 2 centimetres wide and at least 2 metres long)
heavy thread such as embroidery thread
medium thick sewing needle
Cigarette lighter

Fold and fold and fold

You do:
The more ribbon you have, the longer the ribbon part of the necklace will be – If you look carefully at the finished necklace. The bit around the back of the neck is thread.

You could have less of the white folded ribbon bit, it’s up to you.

If you made paper chains in school when you were young, you might recognise this technique. Just a note. Heavy-ish ribbon or tape does not fold nicely like paper. It’s harder to work with.

Pin to hold together

I had to use pins to hold my necklace together. It kept wanting to come apart.

Now fold and fold and fold and fold. Use more pins as you go along. Also, the tighter you fold, the more it holds together.

Thread through

I considered trying to iron or press it, but couldn’t work out how to.

When you have used up your tape or ribbon, gently melt any loose ends with a cigarette lighter to stop them fraying. You can also use Stop Fray or a similar product instead. Stop Fray reminds me of old fashioned Alcolin cold glue. I’m sure it would work too.

Now, thread up your needle and start piercing your folded ribbon or tape in the middle, bit by bit, until you are all the way through all of it. I used a sparkly silver thread.

Once you are done, tie the ends of your thread loosely. Try on your necklace. If

Tie thread 

you’re happy with the length, knot the ends together.
Simple as that.

There are plenty more projects and FREE sewing patterns in the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page.

Back next week.


P.S. I found Cos online – Google Cosstores.com to find them.