Black top + FREE sewing pattern

Black top

I wasn’t sure about this top. What I had in mind when I started -and what turned out to be – were two completely different tops. I always say that fabric choice is the biggest factor in the success of a garment. You would think that I have learned this? But no. Clearly not.

And that proved to be the issue with this top. However, despite not ending up with what I wanted, I still like this top.

Pattern pieces

The plan was to have two slightly off square pieces for a back and front. And two rectangles for straight shoulder straps. The fabric was way too dense and didn’t fall nicely. Add to that, the shoulder straps were too wide.

I ended up putting some darts into the main piece to help give it shape. And gathering the shoulder straps.

You need:
sewing machine
matching thread

You do: –
Using the pattern (see image), take

Sew sides, hem arm area and pin darts

measurements and make a pattern.

So as you read earlier, I used a fairly heavy fabric.

Cut your pattern pieces. I had to zig-zag the edges of this fabric.

Sew the sides together leaving around 10 to 12 centimetres open for the arms at the top of your garment.

Next pin your darts. I haven’t give a width or place for the darts. Play around with the width and place of your darts by pinning and fitting until you are happy. Now sew your darts to the front piece only.

Hem the side edges around the arms. Fold over the top ends of your top and hem them too.

Hem straps and top to top

Zig-zag the edges of your straps. Fold the sides over and hem them.

Next pin the straps to your top. Fit top again to make sure they are not too long or too short. Adjust if necessary. And sew in place.

To make the gathers, I used a needle and thread and sewed the top middle area of the straps.

I must try this top again in a jersey knit. Will keep you posted.

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See you next week.