How to make a cloth toiletry bag

Cotton zipper toiletry bag

So this week, I’m showing how I made a toiletry bag with a zipper closure. Here – is a link for similar bag with a drawstring. And another link – for a rainproof poncho and bag
Wow, don’t you love the fabric? I bought metres and metres of this particular print. It’s called Shweshwe – a traditional South African print. This piece has a different design on each side.
You need fabric and a zipper
I’ve got loads of Shweshwe in other prints and colours waiting to be made into something or other.
You need: –
2 x pieces of fabric 30 cm x 50 cm

Hand sew zipper in place
1 x zipper
matching thread
sewing machine
bold thread
You do: –
It’s not necessary to use the exact specs of this toiletry bag. I made mine this size to fit a zipper that I happened to have handy. I wanted something for my toiletries. Your bag could be for

Machine sew zip in place with zipper foot

underwear, laundry, pegs, whatever you need a bag for.

Sew the top of the bag with really big stitches. Number four on my sewing machine. You’re going to unpick them, so bigger is better. Why do this? Sewing the top helps keep the fabric in place when you sew your zip. Hand sew your zip in place with bold thread. I used wool.

Unpick big stitches and expose zip
Sew your zip in place with a zipper foot on your sewing machine.
Remove the bold stitches. Unpick the original big stitches and expose the zipper.

If you want to see another zipper tutorial – click here.

Open the zipper. Pin the bag together right sides facing. Sew sides of bag from one end of the zipper to the other.
Snip the corners. Why do this? Your corners will open out nicely if there is no fabric there.
Sew from one end of zip to the other.
Trim or sew away loose threads. 
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See you next week.