FREE sewing pattern for scatter cushion covers

Scatter cushion covers

Scatter cushions make such a difference to home decor. We have loads of them in our seating areas and on our beds. I bought a couple from IKEA for our boat. Read about our boat – here – and my husband’s take – on this link
Cut fabric 50cm x 120cm
The IKEA cushions are a lovely turquoise colour but the covers are sewn on. I don’t want the cushions to get dirty. So I made cushion covers. 
Scatter cushions are really easy to make. Think pillow case – but with different proportions. Scatter cushions seem to come a

Fold over 50 cm edge and sew flat

standard 45cm x 45cm. If you have a different size cushion, or want to make a custom cover, then

Fold over again and sew flat again

play with the dimensions. Wrap a piece of fabric around your cushion to get your size. Don’t forget to add a seam allowance.

I bought a divine piece of Shweshwe print fabric. It’s waxed but that will only help repel spills until it washes out. My piece of fabric was 150cm wide so I split it in three.

Fold fabric over cushion so ends overlap
You need:
a piece of fabric 120cm x 50cm per cushion
sewing machine
matching colour thread
Check overlap doesn’t extend fully across 
You do: –
Fold over the short ends of your fabric (the 50cm sides) about 1/2 centimetre and stitch flat. 
Fold over a second time and stitch stitch again. There should be no raw edges visible.
Now fold place fabric on a flat table and fold over a cushion – inside out – so the ends overlap. See picture above right.
What you’re trying to do is get the covers to fit – not too tight – and just the right amount of

Snip corners

overlap. The fabric must not go all the way to the end or you will fight like hell to get your cushions in. The overlap must come approximately 2/3 across.

If, for any reason, your overlap is too long. Cut and re-hem your ends a bit shorter.
Pin and sew sides.
Snip excess fabric from corners.
Slip cushions into covers
Turn cushion covers right way around and press them with an iron.
Slip cushions into covers and you’re done.  
You can use different pieces of fabric as I did in an older post. See that – here.
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