Beaded bib necklace

Tutorial for a beaded bib necklace

I’ve made a bib necklace before – see here. They’re pretty easy to make. You need to be on the lookout for a piece of embellishment to make one. I found this one in a bargain bin. Not sure what is was intended for. But it’s a necklace now.

You need: –
2 x equal pieces of pleather

Trace around a bowl onto pleather for semi circle

a piece of embellishment
sewing machine
matching colour thread

You do: –
I used a small bowl to draw a semi circular shape

Catch ribbon in stitching. Sew on embellishment

on a piece of pleather. Then using that piece, I cut a duplicate. You could use a square or triangular shape.

Place the ribbon at the top corners of the semi circle between the pieces of pleather. Sew the two pieces of pleather together making sure the ribbon is stitched.

Now put your embellishment on your bib. You may have to move it around a bit to get the best spot.

Sew your embellishment in place. You could also use glue instead of sewing.

Et voila! A lovely new necklace.

For more ideas and FREE sewing patterns have a look at the Greenie galleries at the top of this page.

I’ll be back next week.