Make a strapless top without a sewing machine

No sew boob tube top

These tops go back to when I was helluva young. They say you should never wear something if it comes around a second time. Nonsense I say. But finding the same fabric isn’t always easy. I wish crimplene was still available. Sigh! It was such a pleasure to work with.
To make this top you need a narrow tube or cylinder of highly stretchy fabric. 
n a previous post I mentioned a friend gave me a massive bag full of fabric. In the bag was this small piece of this bubbly stretch tubing. No idea what it’s proper name is.

Make sure ends are straight

Have been looking for it for so long. Happiness!!

You need: –
stretch tube fabric
You do: –
Measure from below your arms to your lower hip. Add about 10 centimetres to that measurement. That is how much fabric you need. 
Cut the ends straight across if your fabric is not neat, Slip on your tube top. Fold the ends under. And wear. How easy is that?
If you struggle to find a narrow enough piece of tubing, then consider cutting it and creating a centre back seam. 
And if you have really narrow shoulders and your top is slipping down, you can create a casing along the top and slip in some non bendable elastic. That will require some sewing unfortunately.
One more thing you could consider? Making your top longer and turning it into a body con dress?
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Am back with more next week.

P.S. A friend who has a daughter in the fashion industry kindly came back to me with the name of this fabric. It’s called textured, tubular double knit.