FREE sewing pattern for a cowl neck top

Cowl neck top

We were with some friends a few months back and one of them saw this top in a shop. Lucky she bought it so I could have good look at how it’s make. It’s so easy to make, it’s just not true.

The trick is the right fabric. You want a nice good quality jersey knit fabric. The knit must NOT be curly or too thin. The fabric here is a cotton rich Ponte.

And you need to get the proportions spot on with your pattern. After that? One seam. Yip, only one seam and your top is done.

You need: –
sewing scissors
matching colour thread
sewing machine

Fold fabric in half and in quarters. Trace armholes

You do: –
First make the pattern/cut the top

You need to measure the circumference of your chest OVER your bust. Plus 4 centimetres for your seam allowance and a bit of room to move in top. That is the width.

To get the length you need to add 20 centimetres of cowl + diameter of your armhole + below arm to lower hip measurement.

I am a UK dress size 10. My width was 95

centimetres and my length was 65 centimetres. I would have liked my top a bit longer.

Cowl neck top pattern

Measure around your arm at the shoulder and try to find a bowl or something circular with a similar diameter.

Fold your fabric in half and in half again leaving

Cut out armholes

fabric for your seam allowance. (See photo)

Measure 20 centimetres from the top and using chalk or dry soap draw around your bowl or circular object to mark your armholes. (See photo)

Pin centre back together and sew. One seam and you are done. Easy as that.

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Back next week with more.


P.S. A friend who has a daughter in the fashion industry kindly came back to me with the name of this fabric. It’s called one way stretch, jersey knit.