Bead and chain necklace

How to make a bead and chain necklace

I made this necklace ages ago. So unfortunately, I can’t show all the steps in putting it together.

Basically it’s made by alternating a bead on a piece of wire with a piece of chain.

You can buy wire with an eye at one end, but then you need O-Rings to join the eye to your chain.

I used silver, grey glass and black plastic beads. I

Bend wire to fit into chain

didn’t use too many beads. This necklace had 12 beads in total.

You need:
possibly O-Rings

You do:
First decide how long you want your necklace to be. You can also make this extra long and wear it wrapped around your neck two or three times.

String together a bead, then chain, then bead, then chain

Then pick your beads. They need to be fairly large. The beads on this necklace were just over a centimetre in diameter.

Slip your beads onto your wire. Bend at wire back at one end. Cut the wire at the other end leaving enough wire to hook onto chain.

Measure out your chain around your neck to get a sense of how long you want it to be. It WILL be longer once you add your beads so bear that in mind.

If you are using 12 beads like me, then cut your chain into 13 equal size pieces. Use a calculator.

Add your bead to a piece of chain. Put wire through another bead and add to another piece of chain until all beads and chain are used up. Easy as that.

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See you next week.