DIY summer sundress with free sewing pattern

Summer sundress

I’ve made a similar dress to this before. See – this link – and – this link. And using the same pattern idea, but shorter, I made a camisole top. Find that – here.

Both Burda and Martha Stewart have similar patterns. Martha’s dress is straight – no flare. Burda has a version with a centre front and centre back seam. And another version that requires darts and a bit of shaping.

Sundress Pattern

You might prefer their patterns so check them out. Here is my version. A really simple A-Line summer dress.

Firstly, you need to make a pattern. See details

Cut sundress from fabric

at left for pattern instructions. I usually cut a pattern from old newspapers but no need to do that with this dress. As for fabric choice? You could probably use just about anything.

You need: –

matching colour thread
sewing machine

Sew sides. Neaten arms. Fold over top.

You do: –

Cut your sundress and straps from your fabric. You can buy ribbon and use that instead of making your own straps.

If your fabric is inclined to fray – finish raw edges.

Stitch side seams leaving about 15 centimetres open for your arms to fit through. You may need to leave more. Unpick if you have sewn more than is comfortable for you. Hem around

Sew straps

the arm area so it’s neat.

Fold over top to make a casing for your straps. Sew casing making sure to leave enough space for straps to slide through.

Sew straps as per picture.

Slide straps into casing. Tie straps roughly as

Slide straps into casing

tight as you think they should be.

Pin hem. Fit dress.

If you are happy with fit, cut off any surplus fabric from straps.

If you are happy with length sew hem in place.

That’s your sundress finished!

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