Hosepipe ring

How to make a ring from hosepipes

I have been meaning to make this ring for sooooo long now. The inspiration was a pack of rings I bought from ASOS. See pic at bottom.

It just never happened. Finally got around to it this week. Why didn’t I do it sooner? I have left over hose, so will be making more rings.

Irrigation piping

Of course it’s another easy DIY. The only hard part is finding hose that will fit your finger. If you cannot find the right size hose, you can slice your rings at the back so the ring

Cut rings and file smooth

expands open to fit your finger.

I used irrigation piping. Ordinary garden hose comes in fun colours so think along those lines too.

You need: –

a small piece of hose

Mix glue to add embellishment to hosepipe ring

a saw to cut the hose
a file or lighter
crystals or embellishments
strong adhesive

You do: –

Using a saw, cut your piece of hose to fit your finger.

If your hose is a bit raggedy around the edges, then either use sandpaper or a file to file it smooth.Or hold a lighter flame near so it can melt the plastic. Please take care using a lighter.

The ASOS rings that inspired this DIY

Next mix your two-part or extra strong adhesive.

Pick your embellishments or crystal/s and dip them in the adhesive. I used tweezers.

Make sure your ring is on it’s side and won’t roll about. I used the grouting between our tiles to rest the ring.Then add your decoration to the ring. Don’t use too much glue or your item will slide off your ring.

Allow to dry and your new ring is ready to wear.

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See you next week.