How to sew pockets closed

Trousers before

This blog post is a slight departure. I thought I would share how I create a slim fit with all my trousers. And skirts.

It might not be for everyone. Especially people who use their pockets a lot. I put all my

Pin pockets flat

possessions in a handbag. I can’t bear lumps and bumps around my hips.

I ALWAYS sew my trouser and skirt pockets closed. This means they fit flush and give a slimmer, trimmer effect.

First, Lie your trousers or skirt flat on the floor. Make sure the pockets are smooth with no rumples.

Then pin your pockets flat.

Use matching colour thread and either machine sew or you can hand sew your

Machine or hand sew pockets flat

pockets flat.

If you hand sew, use tiny stitches.

Sew away any loose threads.

Turn trousers inside out and cut away the pockets. I can’t stress this enough. Check first before you cut. Make sure you are cutting the pocket only and NOT your trousers.

I cut right through to the front of my trousers once and ruined a lovely pair of pants.

Cut away pockets

And that’s all there is to it.

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I will be back next week.