Beaded wire bracelet

DIY beaded wire bracelets

My daughter made serviette rings for me quite some time ago. I use them a lot and wanted to recreate them for a blog post.

And as happens with a good few of my DIYs I ended up making something different. Instead, I made this easy bracelet.

Here’s how I made it.

You need wire, pliers and beads

You need: –
thick wire
beads with a large hole

You do: –
Open up your wire so it has no kinks and start loading up beads.

I intend making a collection of these bracelets so am thinking ahead about options with regards to beads. Some ideas are – patterned beads, alternating colour

Slip beads on to wire

beads, large and small beads and even crystal beads.

Next check you have enough beads on your wire to make a bangle. Either measure around your hand or use one of your bangles.

Using pliers, fold back the end to create a loop and twist wire so it sits flat. See picture.

Make a loop at end and twist back wire

Now slip the opposite end of your wire through the loop you just made.

Fold back wire and twist end so it doesn’t stick out. Make sure your ends are squashed as flat as possible or they will catch on your clothing and other items.

Serviette rings

Lastly check your bangle is round.

And that folks is it! The quickest bracelet ever.

The serviette rings are made in a similar way, but my daughter loaded her beads on to a thinner wire and wound the wire around the thicker wire.

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Back next week with yet more ideas to hopefully inspire you.