No piercing nose ring

Nose rings are fast becoming cool. A person half expects edgy celebs like Joss Stone, Pink, Emeli Sande

Tiny nose ring

and Christina Aguilera to wear them. But when Scarlet Johannson, Kelly Clarkson and even Jessica Biel are wearing them. Well they definitely deserve consideration.

I had a nose stud fitted and it was a disaster. It was a nightmare to keep clean. I kept hooking it on my facecloth and scarves. It got ripped too many times. It never got to heal properly.

Eventually I gave up and took it out. A nose ring, rather than a stud, certainly in the early healing stages would probably have been a much better choice.

Large nose ring

But guess what? You can have a nose ring. Minus the hassle of healing. And without the commitment of a piercing. All you need is a slightly opened O-Ring.

I got my gorgeous daughter to model a tiny O-Ring and a bigger one for me. The bigger O-Ring is for braver fashionistas. The smaller one is subtle and I happen to think – lovely.

You would want your O-Ring in silver or stainless steel. And you

Opened stainless steel nose rings

could also wear it on the outside of your nose and not necessarily on the septum as in these pictures.

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