How to make these easy earrings

The inspiration for these earrings was the pleather necklace I made a few weeks ago. See – how to make a pleather necklace.

Pleather earrings

I often say I’m a closet Goth girl. I like black. And silver chain. And hardware. But I stop short of scary. These earrings deliver the right amount of emo but are still classy.

To make them you need: –
strong glue
earring hooks
small metal washers

You do: –
Work out how big you want these earrings to be. The best way is to cut the size you have in mind from a piece of

You need pleather, washers, earrings hooks

paper and hold them up to your ears.

Use a ruler and pencil and draw your earrings on the back of your piece of pleather. You need a back and a front for each earring. Cut four equal size pieces.

Mix your glue, spread over back and front pieces, then join together.

Using a needle pierce a hole at the centre top of your earrings. You may need to start with a small needle and work your way up to a bigger needle to avoid tearing.

Using pliers open an O-ring and slip through the hole. Add a second O-ring to make sure your earrings face forward.

Pierce top with a needle then slip in O-ring

Now, with a pencil, mark exactly where you want your washers to be on the earrings.

Mix up more glue and using a toothpick, dot glue on to the back of washers. Glue washers to earring strips immediately.

Allow earrings to dry thoroughly. Add earring hooks to the O-rings and voila! New earrings.

Variations on these? Different colour pleather for a start. Bigger or smaller. Different shapes. How about a feather shape with slits cut along the sides? And, in lieu of washers you could use pretty crystal beads.

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See you next week.