How to make nail and cuticle oil

I don’t often come up with ideas for cosmetics.

The main focus of this blog is fashion, whether clothes

DIY organic nail oil

or accessories. But I couldn’t help wanting to share this one.
The last few weeks I have been trying to find a nail or cuticle oil. An organic nail oil.

I’ve tried pharmacies, supermarkets and health shops. I found Dr Hauschka Neem oil but the current exchange rate makes the cost here prohibitive. I cannot bring myself to pay that, no matter how good it is.

All the other brands are riddled with parabens and other nasties. Why do these companies insist on putting known toxins into our products?

Clean bottle with grape seed oil

My next tactic was to top up my old nail oil bottle with a nice organic food oil. And you know what? It works perfectly. At a fraction of the price.

Here’s what I did.

First I rinsed my old nail oil bottle with a sudsy organic dish washing liquid and left it in the sun to dry. Once dry, I topped it up with organic grape seed oil from the kitchen.

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See you next week.