Easy pleather necklace tutorial

I lay awake last night thinking of all the things I want to make. Every now and again I trawl other

Make your own bold pleather necklace

DIY fashion and crafting sites and get so inspired I get manic with ideas.

My favourite bigger sites are: –
So Sew Easy
True Blue Me and You
Brit + Co
Craft Gawker
Henry Happened

Those are only the ones I know about. Probably loads still to discover. I also follow heaps of one person DIY-ers. You can find that list on my blog. Which means my reading list is HUGE. A lot of stuff is the same only different. People get a bit tense about ideas being stolen and credits. Meanwhile it’s the same concept being bandied over and over.

What you need to make this necklace

Perhaps it is an issue? Right now my blog isn’t big enough for me to get in a froth about it. I put my ideas out there hoping to inspire people to make or up cycle before buying. I’m only too happy if someone uses my ideas. I can come up with a million more. I plan to be making and blogging for a long, long time.

In the past I tried to remember where I first saw something, and hopefully credit the correct blogger.
The other day I discovered – by mistake – a bunch of broken back links. Those people have gone! Poof! So now I have to figure out how to clean up my blog. Sigh!

You need the above items

The point of all this waffle? I found a divine necklace on Brit + Co. Made by Kate Puhala. And I knew I wanted to make it. Her version used pale blue pleather and small square mirrors. My version indulges my closet goth girl streak.

You need: –
strong scissors
metal washers
two-part adhesive

You do: –
Decide how big you want your pleather necklace pieces to be. Perhaps even cut them out of a piece of paper and lay them next to your chain so can be happy with the size. Remember you will fold the

shape back so you need to double the length.

Slip chain through fold. Add clasp and O-Ring

Using a ruler and pencil mark where you want to cut on the back of the pleather. Cut out your shapes.

Mix together the two-part adhesive, fold over your pleather pieces and glue them down. Remember to keep the fold free of glue as your chain needs to slide through. I put a mini paper weight on mine as they kept popping up.

Mix more two-part adhesive and glue the metal washers to your pleather pieces. Allow to dry properly.

Check your chain is the right length and add a clasp to one end and an O-Ring to the other end.

Slip your decorated pleather pieces onto your chain. That’s it!
One seriously stylish necklace.

Thanks Kate Puhala and Brit + Co for the inspiration.

For Greenie inspiration, visit the galleries at the top of this page.

See you next week.


P.S. I took out the two pieces at each end of this necklace as it was too wide.