How to make a kimono top

T shape top from an old curtain

I have mentioned that I am not above recycling old table cloths and curtains into anything from serviettes to clothing. This week’s top is made from old curtains. I used this pattern – T shape top pattern.

Also made this in black lace – see that top here. And while I’m linking to older posts, have a look at – this kaftan – made from an old table cloth.

I love this top and fear I may make lots more. Defo going to make one with two different fabrics. One for the front and another for the back. Great way to use up left-over fabric and patch work or contrast front and back is bang on trend right now.

The full instructions are on the post with the pattern so not

Cut top from fabric with your pattern

going to go into too much detail in this post.

To make this top, first cut it from your fabric with a pattern as per first link in this blog post.

Sew shoulders and sides

Next sew shoulders and sides.

Hem neck and lower edge of top. Then snip into armhole so the seam opens up. And reinforce edges of neckline a few times so it doesn’t come undone. I used a narrow zig zag stitch to do that.

I thought of sewing braid, ribbon or trimming around the sleeve and lower edge to give the top some something. But I wanted to wear it

Snip into arms to open up seam

pronto so that idea has been mothballed for now.

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See you next week.

Reinforce edges of neck to make them secure