DIY necklace from wool and hardware chain

My inspiration for this necklace, or more like a tribal choker was Venessa Arizaga. Her stuff is

Crochet and chain necklace

simply divine!

I have tried and tried to crochet rows of wool/cotton and chain together and I just cannot get it right.  My crochet stitches always seem to twist and vary in size.

I made – this – crochet necklace a while back.

Crochet back along chain

But as in many of my earlier posts, I was a little skint on instructions. This time around I included more pics and more detail.

You need: –
crochet hook
hardware chain
necklace clasp
wool needle

You do: –
Start with your wool and crochet hook and make a chain a touch longer than the circumference of your neck.

Using the most basic easy crochet stitch, crochet back along your chain. You can use any kind of stitch you feel comfortable with.

Use a double stitch every few stitches to create a curve

The next row creates the curve. I did a double stitch every fourth stitch. For less curve do a double every 5th or 6th stitch and for more curve, do a double every 2nd or 3rd stitch.

You have to do it to see how the wool works. No harm in unpicking one row and re-doing it.

Once you have your curve, then do a few rows of plain crochet stitching to make the necklace wider. Cast off.

Now measure your hardware chain to make sure it fits the inside of the neck of your necklace. Plus a tiny bit longer. Stitch the hardware chain to the inside of your necklace.

Sew chain to inside and outside of neck

Do the same with the chain for the outer edge of your necklace. The chain here helps it sit flat on your collar bone and not roll up.

Add an O-Ring to one end and a necklace clasp to the other end of your chain so it ties at the back.

Sew any loose threads away and that’s it. Necklace complete.

 If all this crocheting seems a bit much then you can make these easy necklaces – Black Silk Rope Necklace – or – Nylon Two Tone Rope Necklace.

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See you next week.


P. S. I wish I had used rafia or a heavier waxed thread to make this. The wool was a little soft for the chain. I mixed a fabric starch solution, soaked the necklace in it an allowed it to dry. It helped a lot. Don’t iron the starch as per starching instructions. Your crochet stitches will flatten and the necklace will lose it’s shape.