Instructions to sew a camisole top

Gathered camisole

We having lovely hot weather here in Cape Town. Daily temperatures are between 29’C and 33’C. My favourite on-line fashion newsletters are full of breezy summer outfits for the coming season. Never mind that temperatures are around freezing in many big cities.

Camisoles are set to be big this coming summer. I cannot wait to make more.

I was inspired to make this particular top by a Burda Style pattern. See Burda Summer Tank pattern – here. A similar Burda pattern for a gathered top can be found – on this link. Both are free sewing patterns so go ahead and download them.

I chose to make my own pattern and used two squares to make

Pattern pieces

this version of a gathered camisole top. I actually cut this out over a year ago and then we packed and everything went into storage. Only just unpacked some of my boxes last week and found the un-made cami.

Please refer to the picture at the right for the

Sew the sides and hem

pattern. I am a UK dress size 10.

Cut two equal sized squares of 55 centimetres wide x 55 centimetres long for the top.

The dimensions for the strap are 10 centimetres wide x 200 centimetres long. I used left over fabric and made a contrast colour strap.

You could use ribbon for your strap and save yourself the time it took to sew it. In which case, you can easily make this top in around an hour.

Another tip, this is quite a short camisole. If you want it to sit lower then make it longer and wider.

Sew seams of underarm area flat

You can also wear your straps shorter. I wanted the bows to be a bit of a feature.

Last tip, use leftover fabric for this cami. It doesn’t require much fabric and you could use different fabric for the front and the back to make an on trend top.

You need:
sewing machine
tape measure/ruler

Zig zag or overlock edges, fold and sew top

You do:
First, cut your top and straps from whatever fabric you choose.

After cutting your top, sew the sides together – making sure to leave enough space at the top for your arms to fit through.

Next sew seams of the underarm area flat.

Fold and sew straps

Now you need to zig zag or over-lock the top edge of your top. Fold it over and sew a tube for your straps. I folded over 3 centimetres.

To make the straps, you first make one long strap, which you cut into two pieces. Fold the fabric in half length ways down the middle. Then fold the ends in. The picture to the right shows how. Sew the straps flat on the outer edge. Now cut into two equal length straps. You can always cut them shorter later if you find they are too long.

Feed straps through top tube

Now feed the straps through the tube you created at the upper end of your top.

Pin the hem and fit your top to make sure you are happy. Sew your hem in place.

Tie the two ends into a neat bow or however you prefer to tie them.

And voila! A cute new gathered camisole top.

You could add a strip of lace at the bottom edge for night time glamour.  You can also play around with infinite fabric types and patterns to mix up the look and feel of this top. And you can not cut the strap in two, but make one long strap that ties only on one side.

That’s all for this week. At the top of the page are the Greenie Galleries with more free sewing patterns and ideas to make your own clothes and accessories.

See you next week.