How to make a fleece sweater

This weeks post might be a bit of a cop out. I try to come up with something new each week. It’s not like I don’t have a whole bunch of things I actually want to make. It’s summer in South Africa right now. We enjoying balmy days and warm nights.

On my list of things to make is –

  • A kimono style jacket
  • A cute camisole
  • A lightweight summer cape
  • A good few shift dresses
  • Spiky earrings and a spiky necklace from food packaging
  • More string bracelets
  • A peplum jacket
  • Patterned pants
  • A fluted hem skirt
  • Sunglass pouch
  • Dolman sleeve sweater
  • Trapeze tank top

Lime green sweater

Our home is chaotic and has been since we moved in April. We been living out of boxes. There is some storage but not nearly enough and we been planning to get built-in cupboards and a built-in office. The first person doing the job had a heart attack. After we paid him 65% up front. We had to recover the money.

The next contractor is running late and it’s year end. There is always something when it comes to builders and contractors. It’s just life. Meanwhile the few cupboards we had went last last week. There are boxes and garbage bags with our possessions piled up and lying around all over the house. I struggle to find a pair of shoes, let alone try and sew right now.

Anyway, enough of that. I made a chunky olive green sweater a few months back. I made this lime green one shortly after. They are almost the same, except the lime sweater has narrower sleeves and I didn’t gather the cuffs.

Full instructions for pattern and the how-to, are on this link.

Hopefully all will be back on track next week. Meanwhile the Greenie Galleries have almost 200 older blog posts which will hopefully keep you inspired.

Till next week.