How to make a stretchy headband

I saw my daughter with a headband the other day. It was a light brown colour and looked perfect for either

My mother with a green hairband

gym or a tres chic up-do. Turns out, it was an old pair of tights. How clever.

My daughter swears she got the idea from me. Might have been my mother coz I don’t remember.

So how do you make it? Easy. Cut it from an old pair of tights. My tights are all still in a box somewhere but I had a bright green pair that I used to make this headband.

Thanks to my mother who kindly modeled for

Cut a section from the leg of a pair of pantyhose

me. Doesn’t she look fabulous? She’s going to be 73 next week and has hardly a line on her face. Am hoping like mad I have her good genes.

If you look at the picture to the left, you can see how I cut a section from the leg of a pair of pantyhose.

The thicker the piece you cut, the less give it has but the more it holds your hair in place. Also the thinner the denier of your tights, the less grip it has.

Also the thigh area gives a wider looser headband that the bit near the ankle.

I guess an old pair of hose would end up in the bin

A piece of the pantyhose leg

so you can afford to play around. Was even wondering if it’s possible to cut along the length of a pair of tights and make a plaited hair band?
Or how about using two skinny hairbands in the same or different colours?

And I’m even thinking of trying to make a bracelet with strips of old hose.

Varying widths from a pantyhose leg

That’s it for this week. Happy holidays! Don’t forget to look at the top of the page for the Greenie Galleries where you will find archives of older DIYs and re-creations.

See you next week.