Two tone sleeve T-Shirt

OK, so I’ve done a good few T-Shirt/sweater refashions on Greenie. In – this post – I swapped the sleeves around on a pair of similar T-Shirts and – in this post – I cut out the front of a T-Shirt and replaced it with a piece of silver sequin fabric.

I love and live in T-Shirts.

Ombre sleeves

Refashioning tees is a great way to amp them up a little.

A visit to the Greenie Galleries at the top of the page will show loads more ways to give a ho hum top a bit of an edge.

Think shredding, cut outs, re-shaping, adding a peplum, cutting the hem asymmetrically, dip dying, tie dying, adding panels, or contrast colour pockets, making a

Cut sleeves

design with holes, adding lace and trimmings. . . . . .  .  

You will find links to all these projects in the Gallery archives. The hardest part is deciding which one to try.

This is a really easy T-Shirt makeover. I know I always say the DIYs on Greenie are easy. It’s because they are. This one you don’t have to swap whole sleeves around. Which can be a bit tricky as you have to set sleeves into an armhole. I used the bottom of two sleeves, which is a straight cut and

Cut sleeves in same place

stitch job. No curves.

I used two black T-Shirts. I liked that using the same colour had an ombre effect.Two different colours will create a colour blocked tee.

You need: –

Two similar sized T-Shirts
matching colour thread
sewing machine

You do: –

Work out where you want to cut your sleeves on your T-Shirt. It must be in exactly the same place on both tees or you will end up with one very long sleeve and one 3/4 sleeve. Unless you specifically  want that effect.

Turn inside out and sew right side sides together

Pin where you will cut, making sure you have a straight line. Now cut the sleeves off your T-Shirts.

Swap sleeves.

Turn the sleeves and the T-Shirt inside out and pin the right sides together.

Sew the sleeves to the T-Shirt using as small a seam as you can get away with.

Turn T-Shirt back right way around.

Press with a warm iron.

Voila! A two tone T-Shirt.

You could try this on a regular shirt, the only caveat is to make sure the sleeves will fit.

Don’t forget to check out the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page. The galleries have 100’s of older posts to hopefully inspire you to DIY and not buy.

Greenie is back next week with more.