How to make these net tassels

Net tassel earrings

Isabel Marant designs the very best scrunchy net earrings. A quick Google search of images of her earrings brings up a big bunch of examples for inspiration. Love. Love. Love.

I have a gorgeous pair of really long jet earrings a friend made for me. They are just a touch too long. It’s not so much the length that was the problem but the weight. The plan was to split the earrings in half and add net tassels at the bottom.

You could just as easily make your own earrings and add the net or perhaps some silk at the bottom.

Here are links to two other DIY bloggers who did something similar – Inspiration and Realisation – and  – Plan B.

You need earrings and netting

You need: –
a pair of earrings
netting or silk
needle and thread

You do: –
Make a template of a small circle. About 4 – 6 centimetres in diameter.
Use a glass or a cup to get a perfect shape.

Cut two little circles.

Cut little circles, gather and sew.

Pinch them in the middle and gather them up. Stitch the circle as per the image to create a tassel shape.

Sew your netting tassel to the bottom of your earrings.


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