How to make a sweater plus free sweater pattern

Olive green chunky sweater

I am totally in love with fun sweaters rolling out again this season. I already live in T-Shirts. They’re so easy to wear. A sweater is a pimped up Tee in my book.

Previous DIY’s involved re-styling old T-Shirts such as this one – Metallic Sequin Top. But newer versions this season are chunkier than anything I have in my cupboard. I had no choice but to make one from scratch.

First you need a pattern. I made my own pattern from a T-Shirt in my cupboard. If you look at the picture, you will see I placed the top onto two pieces of newspaper. I am a UK dress size 10.

Cut sweater
Making pattern from T-Shirt
Sweater Pattern

The pattern image should help to understand how I made the pattern. Take the widest measurement around your hips and divide it into a quarter. Then add 1.5 – 2 centimetres all around.

Sew shoulders then sleeves

To make the sleeves, measure from collar bone to palms to ensure the sleeves are long enough. Add 1.5 to 2 centimetres all round. The pattern pieces might be on the big side, but you can always adjust them as you make the sweater.

I used polar fleece fabric. Place the two pattern pieces on the fold of the fabric and cut two of each piece i.e. a front and a back and a left and right sleeve.

To put the sweater together, first sew the shoulders together, then add the sleeves to the shoulder. See picture.

Sew lower sleeves and sides together

Next sew the lower sleeves and sides together.

At this point you need to try on your top to determine where to make the sleeve and lower hem. Pin the hems in place and stitch.

Make hem and trim seams

Hand sew the neck area with loose stitches or they will pull and pucker. I added elastic to the wrists.

You might also want to trim the seams if you use polar fleece as it’s a bulky fabric.

OMG, I love my new sweater so much, I made a second one in lime green. Only problem is, we heading for summer in Cape Town. They are so warm, I can’t wear them. Sigh!

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Add elastic to wrists

I will be back next week with more eco fashions.