Make this easy panel skirt

Panel skirt

This week’s DIY is yet another dead easy sewing project. I’ve been wanting to make a skirt with a panel. You could make a panel from a different colour fabric, or from a fabric with a pattern in it. The only criteria is the fabrics must be similar in texture and weight or it will pull and distort.

I made my panel skirt out of a fabric called Ottoman. It has a little bit of give, but nothing like a T-Shirt or a sweater. The one side is ribbed. The other side is smooth. I used the ribbed side for the basic skirt. Vertical lines are great for pear shapes like me. I flipped the fabric over and used the smooth side for the panel.

I am a UK dress size 10. If you’re the same size, you could

use my pattern dimensions. If not, you need to cut your own pattern. It’s basically a tube with a fold at the top for an elasticated waist and a fold at the bottom for the hem. See the pattern picture to make your own pattern.

Panel Skirt Pattern

Sew panel in place

As always, I recommend you cut a pattern in newspaper and use that pattern to cut your skirt. More than once I’ve tried to cut free hand, only to discover my cutting has gone skew. Then I have to throw away the intended garment.

You need: –
matching colour thread
paper scissors
sewing scissors
sewing machine
non-bendable elastic
a large safety pin or elastic threader

You do: –
First, cut your skirt out of your chosen fabric. 

Next, sew the panel in place. Over-lock the seams if you fabric is inclined to fray.

Fold over top and bottom, then insert elastic

Fit your skirt to make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. If too tight, un-pick and re-sew with narrower seams. If too loose, re-sew with wider seams. Press your seams flat.

Now fold over top and bottom and pin into place. The top needs to be wide enough for your non-bend elastic to fit into the casing.

Fit your skirt to check you are happy with the length.

Sew top casing and sew hem. Measure elastic around waist and cut. Insert elastic into casing and sew ends together.

Voila! A new panel skirt!

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See you next week.