How to make a fleece beanie

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Lime green beanie

If, like me, you’re loving the ubiquitous beanies currently worn by the hippest fashionistas then this blog post is just for you.

It’s spring in Cape Town and summer clothes are in our shops. I want to sneak a few wears of a lime beanie in before it gets too hot.

Since I’m not likely to find one in a shop here until winter, I did what I always do, I made one.

Almost all the Greenie DIYs are super easy. And this DIY is no exception.

The pom pom is optional. I made it so you can see how to make them. Leave it off if it’s a bit too much for you.

Lime green beanie pattern

I might remove mine. Am not sure just yet.
And that’s what is so good about making your own clothes and accessories. You get exactly what you want and like. Not what the shops are stocking.

You need: –
lime green fleece fabric
matching colour thread
a sewing machine

You do: –
First you have to make a pattern. To do this, you need to measure the circumference of your head. Add about 5 centimetres to that measurement. That is the length. My length was 60 centimetres.

Cut in half and sew back together. Sew side seam.

The width is 40 centimetres. Your pattern should be a rectangular shape.

Cut your pattern out of a piece of newspaper or plain white paper.

Pin your pattern to your fleece and cut it out.

Cut the fabric in half lengthwise. And promptly sew it back together again. Seems daft, but creating a seam allows you to sew the bottom half of the beanie to the seam. Sewing it to the fabric

Make pom pom

will cause the fleece to pucker. (Look at the pattern and pictures to help you understand.)

Making sure the beanie is inside out, sew the ends together along the width.

Now make the pom pom. Cut a long thin strip of fleece fabric. The longer the strip, the fluffier the pom pom. And the wider the strip, the bigger the pom pom. My strip was 30 centimetres x 5 centimetres.

Now cut through on either side to almost the centre of the strip making sure not to cut all the

Fold up lower half and stitch to seam

way through.

Roll up your strip and sew through the middle to secure your pom pom. Fluff out the strips gently to make your pom pom round.

Back to your beanie. Fold up the lower half of your beanie and pin the edge to the middle seam. Hand sew that in place.

Gather up the top end of your beanie. Sew through the gathered end a good few times to ensure you have not missed any area.

Gather top and attach pom pom

Turn your beanie right way around and check there are no bits left un-sewn.

Hand sew your pom pom to the top of your beanie.

And that’s it. Beanie done. Check out how to make a slouchy beanie – here. And you can find a pattern for a chunky knitted beanie – on this link.

Next week on Greenie I show how to make a pleather tank top.
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Happy DIY-ing!