Make this easy pleather tank in under an hour

Pleather tank top

I never, ever thought I would wear a pleather top. I no longer buy leather since I am trying to go vegan. A pleather top seems to stretch to the furtherest end of fashion. A touch too risky for me.

But they look good on other people, so I decided to re-cycle a piece of silver pleather. And you know what? It doesn’t look as bad as I thought.

It’s a bit stiff. Not uncomfortably so, but if I sit down and the hem touches the seat, the whole top pops up to my chin. You can make it shorter to avoid that happening. Or find a softer pleather. Maybe even make it out of a suedette?

I used the free Greenie pattern for a basic cotton tank top. Find the pattern and instructions – on this link.

You might want to glue the seams flat if they stick out.

Cut pattern from pleather

Fortunately I was able to trim then slightly and that sorted out that problem. I also didn’t sew a pocket to the front.

You might want to cut a scalloped edge at the bottom of the top? Or glue some braid there?

Other than that, the instructions are exactly the same as for the cotton tank top.

You can find inspiration from older posts by visiting the Greenie Galleries at the top of the page.

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