Make your own black lace top

I made a top in a plain light white cotton a couple of months back and I love it.

Black lace top

Also been wanting a black lace top.
Since the last top was so easy to make, I thought why not use the same pattern?

The tutorial for the pattern and sewing instructions are all – in this link.

The only real difference is the fabric choice, which is black lace. It’s quite a coarse lace with large

Fold back and stitch neck line in place

open spaces. Sewing this lace wasn’t that difficult. I can imagine anything too shiny might be slippery.

Bonus was that I didn’t have to sew hems, which meant it went even quicker. I only had to fold back and stitch the neck line in place.

Am not sure what other fabrics would work for the T shaped top? It’s such an easy shape to create and so easy and comfortable to wear. I certainly plan to make at least one more.

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Basic T shape top

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See you next week.