How to make a necklace from foil

I was inspired by the ribbon bracelets from ASOS to make this necklace. Follow – this link – to see

Foil packaging necklace

how Quiet Lion made that version.

We often buy box wine and it occurred to me to try and use the silver foil to make something similar.

You will need foil from either a wine or juice box. Cut the edges off so you can open it and clean the inside as well as the outside. It needs a good soapy wash.

The foil will curl and roll up after you cut it. No idea why. Allow plenty time to dry thoroughly for any aromas to evaporate.

If you want to make a bracelet you can use elasticated thread so it will stretch over your wrist. Same thing if you want to make a choker or short necklace. I wanted my necklace long so I used silver embroidery thread.

Cut foil into strips

Measure how long you want your necklace and make sure you have 1 and 1/2 times the amount of thread to work with.
You need a sharp needle as the foil is tough to pierce. You might even need a thimble.

Next cut the foil into long thin strips. My strips were about 1.5 centimetres wide. I would have liked thinner but the foil was tearing.
Thread your needle and pierce the foil, stringing the foil onto your thread. See picture.

You can pack the foil coils loosely or tighter together. The tighter you make them, the more foil you will use and the longer it will take.

Once you have enough foil for your necklace, tie the ends of the thread together in a secure knot. I

Sew foil onto thread

made a few knots.

Cut the ends off and your necklace is done.

I would like to try this DIY again but instead of rolling the foil back and forth in an S shape, sew lots of short pieces almost like a fringe effect.

Keep adding foil checking it is evenly spaced

But that can wait for a bit. I will also give a DIY for the lace top my model is wearing with the necklace in an future post.

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Tie ends together

Until next week.

Bon DIY.