Knitting pattern for a square beanie

I first saw these square beanies when I was in Scotland about two years ago. The corners look a bit

Chunky knit beanie

like “ears”. I think they are so cute.

Am not mad about knitting so I made this beanie with thick wool and thick needles. Means less stitches.

While chunky wool and needles may reduce the amount of stitches, they’re not necessarily easy to work with. Thick wool is heavy going to wind over the needle. And the stitches are extra wide so my needles were, FULL when I came to the end of a row.

I have no idea how to determine how many stitches to cast on. There must be a formula out there but I don’t know it. I knitted this a few times before I got the proportions right.

My head is averaged sized and I don’t think head sizes vary hugely so this should fit most people.

Cast on 55 stitches

You need: –

chunky wool
needles UK size 0, US size 11, or 8 mm
crochet hook (to cast off)

You do: –

Cast on 55 stitches.

Measure beanie for height

Knit the first two, or even three rows, in plain stitch. If you go straight into stocking stitch the bottom end will roll up or curl.
Revert to stocking stitch after that, and start knitting.

Use a beanie that you wear as a guide and knit until your beanie reaches the same height.

Make sure to leave a long thread which you will use to sew up the sides and the top.

Cast off using a crochet hook. Start casting off at the opposite end to your thread.

Google tutorials on casting off if you are unsure how.

Sew up the sides and when complete, sew the thread back a few times to ensure it doesn’t come undone.

Cast off using crochet hook start opposite end to thread

Snip the end of the thread.

And that’s your new chunky beanie done.

Greenie will be back next week with another DIY.

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Sew top and sides together