How to make a bohemian tote bag

I will try to make just about anything. Not all of my attempts are great. Some don’t make the pages of
Boho Tote

this blog.
But some turn out perfect. This is one of those attempts.

It’s not like I haven’t made a good few tote bags. They’re almost fool proof.

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I used one of my tote bags to cut a pattern. You can use the pattern provided here.

You Need: –

paper to cut pattern
thick webbing or tape for handle
fabric for your bag
matching colour thread
sewing scissors
trimmings such as lace, rick rack, pom poms and whatever you fancy

Measure and pin decorations so they are the same both sides

You Do: –

Make your pattern out of newspaper. Pin it to your fabric and cut your basic bag. You need to cut two pieces.

Turn Boho bag inside out, pin and sew

Hopefully your bag will be perfectly symmetrical. Should be a no-brainer but some fabrics do not sit straight. Especially ones with stretch.

Next use a tape measure to mark every 5 centimetres on both pieces of fabric.
Check that your markings are the same on both pieces of fabric. Why this step?
When it comes to sewing the sides together, if your markings aren’t the same, your trimmings will not line up and look awful.

Pin your trimmings in place. Check they line up, then go ahead and sew them in place.
Next, turn the two pieces of fabric right sides facing and pin the sides making sure the trimmings

match up.
Sew the sides and bottom pieces together.

Tote bag pattern

Attach your webbing or heavy duty tape to the top of your bag to make shoulder straps.
See the picture. Make sure the straps are in the same place on both pieces of fabric. Pin and fold over.

I wanted more tape to decorate the top but that step is optional. Sew all tape in place.

Pin and sew shoulder straps in place

If sewing tape on top, make sure the ends of the tape are pinned under so they finish neatly.

And that’s your Boho bag done!
Now all you need is a music festival to flaunt it.

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Greenie will be back next week.

Sew tape to top of Boho tote bag

Until then, happy DIY-ing.