How to make a fleece beanie

While the northern hemisphere has had a protracted heat wave, it’s a lot cooler

No knit beanie

at the bottom of the world. Luckily Cape Town never really gets much below 10’C, but if you’re not used to cold, well then 10’C is very cold.

I wanted a beanie come turban hat. Something a bit smart.

While experimenting with fleece, I came up with this no-knit beanie. You can knock one up in under an hour, including cutting and hand sewing. And it’s seriously warm.

Slouchy Beanie Pattern

Sew sides together and make a hem

First you need a pattern. Measure the circumference of your head. That will be your width. Add on 1.5 centimetres seam allowance to each side.

I cut a piece of fleece 60 centimetres x 35 centimetres (incl seam allowance) which should fit most people.

Next I stitched the sides together. Fit the hat on your head to make sure it’s snug. If it’s loose, re-stitch a little closer inwards.

Make a hem at the bottom of the hat. You can either machine stitch or hand sew. I sewed by hand with loose stitches so the fleece wouldn’t pucker and pull.

Gather top and stitch well to secure

Fit the hat and check you are happy with the height/length. Then gather the top and stitch across the gathered end a good few times to reinforce it.

And your hat is good to go.

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