Nehru Collar Shirt

Instructions for a Mandarin collar shirt

This is probably one of the quickest DIY’s. St Laurent and The Row have put out perfect plain white shirts

Nehru collar shirt

with a Nehru style collar. This is how to get a similar shirt for a fraction of the price.

You need a plain white shirt. I only buy school shirts now. They are easy care and are great for make-overs.

Cut away top of collar

Girls shirts are a slimmer cut and shaped in the bust area. Boys school shirts are relaxed and nice for a slouchy look.

Optional – add lace or trimming

You need:

1 x  shirt
pair of dress making scissors

You do:

Cut the top part of the collar away from the base as close as you can.

Pull any loose threads and snip them. And
that’s the shirt done.

You can amp up the shirt a touch by adding lace to the collar itself for a Victorian look. You can even gather nylon lace and sew it to the top of the collar. I was also tempted to add a silver mirror trim.

Victorian collar

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  1. I love this, it is the easiest DIY that I can start myself off with. You can even put the lace on the pocket area to add more detail.

    Thank You!

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