Steps to sewing a zipper

Hand stitch the zip in place with easy to see stitches

There are a couple of things I really hate to sew. Button holes are top of my list. I never get them exactly the same size. Some machines do all the work for you. Just set the width and length, then press start, and button holes magically appear.
My machine doesn’t do that.

Which is why I only make Chanel style jackets. I use hook and eye closures at the front, or nothing at all. And for skirts and trousers, I prefer to use large press-studs rather than buttons and button holes.

Zips are also up there with things I hate sewing – but – I think I’ve got zips sort of mastered.

Here’s how I fit a zip.

Sew zip in place with zipper sewing machine foot
  1. Firstly I always use invisible zips. They really are less visible.
  2. Secondly you have to have a proper zipper foot for your sewing machine. It fits snugly alongside the zip when you’re sewing it. The regular fat foot bounces all over the place when you’re on top of a zipper.
  3. Next, I sew the seam where I am planning to put the zip closed. This may seems strange but I use large stitches to make them easy to un-pick. That way the fabric is held in place and can’t slide apart when I’m trying to set a zip.
  4. I always tack the zip in place with easy-to-see hand stitches. That also helps keep the zip in place.
  5. Then I sew the zip – over the tacking – or hand stitches.
  6. Next I unpick the hand stitching.
  7. Then, I unpick the seam so the zip is now exposed.
  8. Voila! A perfect zipper.
Unpick seam to expose zip

Click – here – to see another zipper being sewn in a cloth bag.

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