Instructions to make these faux crystal earrings

I’m loving the bold diamante and crystal earrings that are trending right now.

Diamante stud earrings

There have been a few DIY’s where ready-made items have been painted with coloured nail polish. Nice idea but what if you can’t find something you like?

You can make your own. Cut diamante trimming and restyle it to suit your taste.

For this blog post I used individual pieces from trimmings to make a pair of earrings.
Am definitely going to try glue them on to a clear backing to make a cuff or a necklace.
One DIY at a time.

Here’s how to make these stud earrings.

You need: –

a small piece of diamante trimming
two-part adhesive
stud earring components

Cut two individual pieces from diamante trimming

You do: –

Cut two matching individual pieces from your trimming for each earring with your scissors.

Carefully burn away any loose threads.

Place your diamante pieces face side down.

Mix your high strength two-part adhesive and place a fair sized blob on the back of your diamante piece.

Quickly place the stud backings straight into your diamante pieces.

Allow to dry.

Add the stud butterflies or backings.

And you’re earrings are ready to wear!

Glue stud posts to back of earrings

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See you here next week.

Happy DIY-ing.